The Eskola-Gurutziaga choir of San Sebastián is the result of the fusion, in 1995, of two choral groups: The Schola Cantorum of Our Lady of the Choir, whose date of creation is located in 1940, and the Coral Gurutziaga, founded in 1980.

The Schola Cantorum of Our Lady of the Choir of San Sebastián (that from 1976 would happen to be known more simply like Eskola) was founded like choral group at the beginning of 1940 by Juan Urteaga. A few years later dantzaris were added to it, giving rise to the formation of a dance group that, along with the choir, is still alive to this day. In 1943 the Schola Cantorum held its first concert outside the province (Vitoria). In 1952 he performed the operas “Amaya” and “Txanton Piperri” and in 1956 he premiered “Oleskari Zarra”.

He has participated in numerous festivals and contests for choral masses in various places of the Spanish State, obtaining in 1984 the first prize of the International Festival of Music of Cantonigros.

The Coral Gurutziaga de Aiete in San Sebastián was founded in 1980 by Gotzon Aulestia, then coadjutor of the Parish of the aforementioned neighborhood of Aiete. He began his career as a parish choir, recording a “long play” with 14 unpublished songs in Euskara, covering the entire liturgical cycle. In 1986 he offered the first concerts in France, participating in Tours in his first contest in which he made a meritorious performance. Later, other competitions and festivals followed in the Spanish State.

In September 1995 both choirs were merged under the direction of Juan José Ocón, forming the current Eskola-Gurutziaga Choir, composed of more than 40 voices, which as such has participated in a large number of performances both in the province of Guipúzcoa and in other places in the Spanish State and the French State. In 1998 he won second prize at the Autol Choral Music Festival.

The repertoire of the choir is completed by themes of different musical styles: international, national and Basque folklore, polyphony and sacred music, etc.

The Eskola-Gurutziaga choir regularly participates in music-cultural activities linked to the city of Donosta: previous concert to the patron saint festivities in the Town Hall, Alarde de Txistularis de la Aste Nagusia, Salve of the Virgen del Coro, Olatu Talka festival, ..



Short biography

He was born in San Sebastián, where he studied music at the Superior Conservatory of Donostia, obtaining the best grades and prizes, until reaching the title of Senior Music Teacher in the specialty of Singing. Likewise, he has trained at the conservatories of Baiona and Bordeaux.

He has belonged to several choirs: San Ignacio Choir since its creation, Orfeón Donostiarra, RTVE Choir, and collaborated with the majority of choirs of the state territory: National Choir, Andra Mari, Ametsa, Aretxabaleta, Galicia etc., singing in all of them as soloist. He has performed several roles in opera and zarzuela and different concerts of leads and oratorios.

As a teacher he has taught master classes in the choirs of the province, having been a singing teacher of the Choir Easo.

He has toured as a soloist and director all over the world, achieving great success and recognition.

He currently directs the choirs Gaztelupe, Eskola-Gurutziaga and Kantakidetza.